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Lyra Phono Cartridges.

Lyra's exquisite phono cartridges are the beautiful result of a collaboration between a remarkable trio: Jonathan Carr, the American conceptualizer and designer, Yoshinori Mishima, the Japanese master-craftsman whose watchful eye ensures state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly, and Norwegian Stig Bjorge, the business head, who ties the enterprise together. All three share an intense passion for audio and are fanatical about creating and producing the most advanced possible phono cartridges. This Tokyo-based team not only lives on the frontier of design and manufacturing, they are constantly moving that frontier forward.

Lyra's mission is to create long lasting products that combine original thinking, advanced engineering, and ideal materials application. Lyra's cartridges are built 100% from the ground up in Japan, with the artisanal craftsmanship that Japan is revered for. The result is a family of transducers that extract an unprecedented level of revealed texture, transparency, and dynamic contrast from an analog music collection, ensuring maximum immersion and emotional involvement in the music.

Music can inspire, energize, or relax. Immersion into our personal music can rejuvenate us, nourish us intellectually and emotionally, and can stimulate our imaginations. Listening to music can be an effortless form of meditation. Just like a live performance, analog playback has a unique ability to allow us to relax, let our guard down, and to disappear into the music and ourselves. Lyra phono cartridges provide a direct and transparent conduit to the music waiting for us in our LP collection. It is with these objectives in mind that Lyra presents its latest works of art.


"The Atlas is superior to the Titan in every way and by not-small amounts. If I had to pick one parameter that impressed me, it would be the Atlas's almost unerving transparency and its ability to create an utter "blackness" that I could almost see behind the images it carved in perfect relief...The Lyra Atlas is a complete success - If you can afford and Atlas, you won't regret buying one!"- Michael Fremer, Stereophile, May 2012

"Superior to the Titan in every way and by not-small amounts!" - Michael Fremer, Stereophile