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Sonare Coeli, LLC

In Latin, Sonare Coeli means "To Make Sound in Heaven". In short, our name eloquently sums up our entire missions statement. It is our goal to provide stereo equipment that does precisely what the name implies.

Here at Sonare Coeli, we will always strive to provide the utmost listening experience for our clients to experience in their homes. Equipment matching is a key goal in offering a comprehensive and esoteric lineup of truly remarkable products, some of which are hand crafted by artisans whose singular goal is to make products far beyond the standard of everyday high fidelity.

On occasion, industry reviewers make attempts to look beyond the equipment in an effort to seek out the soul of the musical experience itself. We agree that the ending result is what is indeed desired, but we also feel that the ownership experience of the equipment itself can and should provide great satisfaction and joy.

In Latin, Sonare Coeli means To Make Sound in Heaven.

Often times the only thing that separates one particular preamp, a pair of speakers or DAC from another is the intangible desire to actually own that unique piece. This is especially evident when it is a piece of visually apealling equipment that truly speaks to us in ways only the individual themselves can understand.

In short, it is not unusual for us to feel a true sense of passion for one brand or another, one unit or another.

To that end, Sonare Coeli represents only the types of truly remarkable components that can give the owner the same type of pleasure that can come from a stereo system whether it is playing your favorite piece of music, or simply sitting silent at idle.

Sonare Coeli is proud to carry the following brands of Hi Fidelity equipment: