• Sonare Coeli

    In Latin, Sonare Coeli means "To Make Sound in Heaven". In short, our name eloquently sums up our entire missions statement. It is our goal to provide stereo equipment that does precisely what the name implies.Here at Sonare Coeli, we will always strive to provide the utmost listening experience for our clients to experience in their homes.

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  • Audio Solutions Speakers - HOT!!!

    Audio Solutions Speakers Figaro XL and Figaro M @ Sonare Coeli NOW!.

    Audio Solutions Speakers

  • Audio-Creative

    Audio-Creative Groovemaster II @ Sonare Coeli NOW!.


  • Schick

    Schick @ Sonare Coeli NOW!.


  • Clearaudio

    Clearaudio @ Sonare Coeli NOW!.


  • Rogoz Audio Racks

    Rogoz Audio @ Sonare Coeli NOW!.

    Rogoz Audio

  • Zanden

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  • DS Audio

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Sonare Coeli

Sonare Coeli remains the preeminent authority on analog and digital audio in the USA. We are pleased to offer Audio Solutions Speakers, including the Figaro XL, the Figaro M, Vantage and the new Virtuoso. We also have outstanding tonearms by Kuzma, Schick and the amazing Audio-Creative Groovemaster II as well as state of the art phono cartridges such as the Ortofon Anna, the Myajima Labs Zero Infinity and The Destiny, Van den Hul and Hana. Our digital products include Aurender and Luxman. Our long list of amazing phono stages include the Van den Hul Grail and Grail SB, Luxman, John Curl designs from Audible Illusions, Lehmann and the unsurpassed Zanden. If you do not see what you are looking for that does not mean we cannot get it, please contact us for more details.

Audio Solutions

Sonare Coeli is excited to announce that we now offer Audio Solutions Speakers, including the Figaro XL, the Figaro M, Vantage and the new Virtuoso. Available in as much as 17 different finishes allowing even the most picky taste to find their color. Among all popular high gloss Xiralic finishes we offer such unique looking surfaces as 3D textured high gloss finishes, or three different colors of linen fiber in high gloss. Call today @ (715) 412-4139 to inquire!

AudioSolutions Virtuoso M speakers

Peter Breuninger and Terry Eringi highlighted AudioSolutions Virtuoso M speakers in their reviewers review video today. Here follows the link to the video (29th minute). https://youtu.be/8wLlpDm-96o. "Off the charts fit and finish.. extraordinary speaker, very impressive"

Jonathan Valin Munich High End 2019

"I heard Audio SolutionsPU2 four-driver, three-way, $32k Virtuoso floorstander driven by Vitus Audio electronics in an all-digital system in one of those jerry-built cubicles in the MOC Halles. Despite the less-than-ideal setting, the Virtuoso was very smooth, pleasant, and solid on rock vocals, with good depth on backing instrumentalists. There was no edge or resonance whatsoever and surprising power-range/bass solidity and definition. This is a speaker (from Lithuania, no less) that deserves a longer listen."